New Interreg Cool Neighbourhoods project kicks off!

New Interreg Cool Neighbourhoods project kicks off!

The Cool Neighbourhoods initiative under the Interreg North West Europe program has kicked off! The event held on 13 June in Middelburg, Netherlands, showcased innovative methods from various perspectives focused on introducing innovative project ideas and research methods to enhance residents’ well-being by minimizing heat stress in urban areas. The kick off event was a resounding success, with over 100 attendees with different backgrounds. Mainly a lot of young visitors were engaged, interested and inspired to take action against heat stress in at-risk neighbourhoods across North West Europe.

Attendees had the opportunity to network, learn about heat stress mitigation solutions, SiD methodology, finance options for cooling interventions, and urban ecosystem-based planning. Keynote speakers shared their insights and experiences, sparking new ideas and collaboration among like-minded individuals.

The event was a great success, with participants leaving inspired and motivated to create greener and more sustainable neighbourhoods in North West Europe. The Municipality of Middelburg, as Lead Partner, was thrilled to host such a stimulating and productive day, and looks forward to the continued success of the Cool Neighbourhoods project along with contributions from the Interreg North Sea project Cool Cities and the North West Europe project Green Dense.

With a €9.3 million investment over three years, the Cool Neighbourhoods project will transform over 30,000 m2 of public space through greening efforts in inner city, green-hub, and economically disadvantaged areas in the Netherlands, Belgium, France & Luxembourg. The project aims to develop Neighbourhood Heat-Stress Action Plans and implement solutions for buildings and public spaces to enhance community resilience.

Watch the kick off event of Cool Neighbourhoods
During the event, executives, researchers, the alderman of Municipality Middelburg and other experts spoke to share knowledge and practical experiences to reduce heat stress.

The kick-off video starts at 23:35 minutes.

Cool Neighbourhoods Inspiration Kick-off Event